What Are Some Good Raclette Recipes?


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Raclette, named for the French verb racler meaning to scrape, is a traditional Swiss meal originating from the campfire dishes that were created by scraping melted cheese over ham and potatoes. Good raclette recipes feature the cheese, ham and assorted garnishes and are easy to make although they do require a heating stone or tile and heat source or an electric raclette grill.

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A basic raclette recipe only takes a few minutes to cook, but requires about a half hour to prepare. It includes a large wedge raclette, sliced cheese, unpeeled cooked small new potatoes, pickled garnishes (such as cornichons, pickled onions or caper berries), Black Forest ham and tomatoes slices. Arrange the potatoes, ham and tomatoes on a serving platter. Melt the cheese onto the platter with the ham, potatoes and tomatoes with additional garnishes.

A variation on this recipe features the basics of potatoes, ham and tomatoes, but also features baby zucchini, asparagus and broccolini. In this recipe, grill the vegetables and layer them together with the potatoes, tomatoes and ham. These can be served on one large tray or on individual plates. Melt the cheese on top of the plate and serve with pickled garnishes. A crusty bread, such as French bread, makes for a flavorful accompaniment.

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