What Is a Good Pound Cake Recipe?


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A good pound cake recipe is one that produces a cake with a dense, moist texture and a delicate balance of flavors. There are a variety of recipes for making plain pound cake, lemon pound cake and pound cakes featuring fruit.

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What Is a Good Pound Cake Recipe?
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Cooks have a lot of options when it comes to making a good pound cake, and one of the best recipes for plain pound cake is found at My Recipes. This highly rated recipe uses traditional ingredients, such as 1 whole pound of softened butter, which adds richness. Food extract flavorings of vanilla and almond help give this recipe its classic flavor. People who enjoy chocolate can make a chocolate pound cake with two delicious iced toppings. The cake portion includes unsweetened cocoa powder and instant espresso, and the cake is topped with chocolate and buttermilk glazes.

Another popular alternative to plain pound cake is lemon pound cake, and a great version uses ample amounts of lemon extract with vanilla extract and nutmeg. This recipe requires only 15 minutes of preparation time. Some people enjoy pound cake with fruit inside, and a good recipe for peach pound cake allows for substitutions of fresh apples or cherries. Sour cream pound cake recipes produce a cake that is light and moist.

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