What Are Some Good Places to Find Large Glass Apothecary Jars?

What Are Some Good Places to Find Large Glass Apothecary Jars?

Good places to find large glass apothecary jars include Crate and Barrel, World Market, Pottery Barn and Michaels, as of November 2015. Crate and Barrel has both online and in-store options. The traditional-shaped cylindrical jars range in size from 1 to 4 gallons.

Crate and Barrel's jars are made from soda lime glass. They are dishwasher safe.

World Market has both half-gallon and gallon standard apothecary jars online. The company website offers user ratings and reviews of the jars. Customers find the jars attractive. They also appreciate the jars' rubber gaskets, which make a tight seal and keep the lid and bowl from clinking.

Pottery Barn's website offers both large and extra-large apothecary jars, which are hand-blown in Poland. Tall and narrow, they stand 20 inches and 27 inches high, respectively. Each rests on a glass pedestal. Monogramming is available.

Michaels' website has large apothecary jars in a variety of shapes. Sizes range from 9 inches to 21 inches tall. All stand on pedestals and have more complex shapes than traditional apothecary jars. The site offers suggestions for using the jars, such as storing decorative rocks, glass marbles or colored sand. Other suggestions include using jars for centerpieces or holding homemade treats for holiday gifts.