What Are Some Good Places to Buy Hatch Chile Peppers?


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Some good places to buy Hatch chile peppers include The Hatch Chile Store and New Mexico Catalog online. Depending on the area, Hatch chile peppers can also be found fresh in grocery stores. They are most commonly found in the southwest and California. Hatch chiles are grown in the Hatch Valley in New Mexico.

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Hatch chiles typically arrive in stores in the southwest and elsewhere between late September and the middle of October. Examples of places to buy them in Arizona include Food City, Farmers Market on Power Road, Guadalupe Farmers Market and Los Altos Ranch Market. The New Mexico Catalog online begins shipping Hatch chiles in August.

Hatch chiles can be mild or very hot, but all varieties are typically roasted before consumption. Roast chiles on a hot grill until the skin blisters. Avoid heating the entire chile. Each side takes about three minutes. Remove the chiles from the grill, and place them in a plastic bag. Seal the bag, and allow it to sweat for about five minutes. This makes the skin easier to remove.

Run the chiles under cool water, pop off the stem, and remove the skin. Once done, the chiles can be chopped to use in cooking or frozen for later. Frozen Hatch chiles keep up to a year.

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