What Are Some Good Persian Food Recipes?

Some good Persian food recipes include lamb and chickpea stew, potato-crusted saffron rice, and lamb or chicken kababs. Traditional recipe choices include dolme felfel, which are bell peppers stuffed with meat, and tah cheen, a chicken and rice dish made with saffron. Aash-e anaar is a soup showcasing classic Persian flavors and made with a pomegranate paste and herbs that flavor meat and rice.

Persian cuisine, which in modern times is based on Iranian food, is rich with spices and fruits, often making use of rice, eggs and many kinds of vegetables. Lamb is one of the traditional meats used in these recipes, although beef can be cooked in its place. Many Persian dishes explore the sour portion of the palate by adding elements such as lemons and limes. Common spices utilized include turmeric, saffron, coriander and garlic.

The website Farhangsara.com sorts authentic Persian recipes into several categories, including soups, side dishes, main dishes and more. The website's traditional dishes are detailed in English and supplemented with translations from Iran's native "Art of Cooking" recipe book. Alongside detailed recipes, SBS.au describes where to find many of the frequently used but exotic components found in Persian food, such as rose petals, black limes and labna.