What Are Some Good Omaha Steaks Recipes?

What Are Some Good Omaha Steaks Recipes?

Some recipes that Omaha Steaks publishes on its blog at SteakBytes.com are lemon pepper shrimp skewers, surf and turf melts, pepper and sausage sunshines, and slow cooker split baby back pork ribs. Each recipe specifically calls for meat products sold by Omaha Steaks.

The recipe for lemon pepper shrimp utilizes a 1.5-pound package of Omaha Steaks jumbo cooked shrimp. Season them in a marinade of ground pepper, minced garlic, extra virgin olive oil, chopped flat leaf parsley and lemon zest before skewering them on metal skewers with cherry tomatoes and grilling them on high for six to eight minutes.

The recipe for surf and turf melts uses a box of Omaha Steaks turf and tails steak and lobster combo. Season and cook the lobster tails and steaks before slicing the meat and placing on buttered garlic toasts with provolone cheese, chopped tomatoes and chopped parsley.

The recipe for pepper and sausage sunshines calls for five Omaha Steaks breakfast pork sausages. Cook the sausages into a hash with chopped potato, chopped red onion and chopped bell pepper trimmings, then stuff sliced bell pepper rings with the hash in the skillet, and top with an egg.

The recipe for slow cooker split baby back pork ribs calls for two 1-pound packages of Omaha Steaks split baby back ribs. The ribs are cooked in a slow cooker for about six hours with a variety of ingredients such as ketchup, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar and a garlic clove.