What Are Some Good Mayan Food Recipes?


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Some Good Mayan food recipes are Tikin Xic, a sumptuous fish dish, Sopa de Lima, which is a traditional Mayan soup, and the European-influenced Mayan sweet treat, Caballeros Pobres, which can be imagined as the Mayan equivalent to English bread pudding. The recipe for Sopa de Lima entails making chicken broth with garlic, oregano and onion, sautéing lime with peppers and tomatoes in corn oil, adding the broth then serving it with crispy fried tortillas.

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Sopa de Lima makes a delicious appetizer. Tikin Xic, a filling main course dish, is an authentic Mayan fish recipe in which the fish is traditionally cooked in an oven. The recipe requires whole preparation of a large filleted white fish that has to be dried, marinated in bitter orange juice and achiote paste for approximately 3 hours. After that, the fish has to be put on a banana leaf in the oven, drizzled with olive oil and topped with sliced tomatoes, chili strips, onion and added seasoning. Then the chef or cook has to wrap the banana leaf around the fish completely and cook it until the flesh of the fish is very soft.

Caballeros Pobres is a traditional Mayan dessert recipe that requires the use of stale French bread that hints to its shared heritage with Europe. The recipe is reminiscent of a simple Western French toast where the stale bread has to be cut into strips, dipped into a sweet mixture of 125 millilitres of condensed milk, 125 millilitres of milk and a teaspoon of vanilla. Afterward, the bread is coated with egg whites and fried to golden brown perfection.

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