What Are Some Good Low-Sodium Soups?


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Low-sodium canned soups are available from Campbell's Soup, Healthy Choice and Healthy Valley. Homemade low-sodium soup recipes, such as tomato cream and bounty soups, are available at Recipes.HowStuffWorks.com.

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Low-sodium Campbell's canned soups include varieties of chicken noodle and cream of mushroom. Campbell's Healthy Request soups, recommended by the American Heart Association, include options such as roasted chicken with vegetables. Healthy Choice offers low-sodium, low-fat and low-cholesterol varieties of chicken and vegetable soups. Healthy Valley has a selection of delicious no-salt-added soups, such as pasta fagioli, vegetable, minestrone and lentil varieties.

It is important to pay attention to labels when purchasing canned soups to verify sodium content. Low-sodium soups are often heart-healthy, and they provide warmth, flavor and nutritional value.

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