What Are Some Good Jello Pudding Dessert Recipes?


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JELL-O has created a site with lots of pudding dessert recipe ideas, including Boston Creme Pie, Triple-Layered Mud Pie, Chocolate Pudding Cake and Frozen Pudding Pops. These recipes all incorporate JELL-O pudding to create the finished dessert.

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When looking for a new way to prepare JELL-O pudding consider turning to one of these tasty recipe ideas:

  • Boston Creme Pie - This layered creme pie recipe is made with an angel food cake and layers of vanilla pudding.
  • Triple-Layer Mud Pie - Rich and decadent, the main filling in this mud pie is made up of two packages of chocolate pudding.
  • Chocolate Pudding Cake - A chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding is ideal for a sweet tooth. Top it off with toasted marshmallows for a rich dessert.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter and Pretzel Bars - An easy pick-up snack, these bars are made with a pretzel crust and a thick pudding filling. These are no-bake cookie bars, too.
  • Triple Chocolate Cookie Balls - Another handy portable treat, these cookie balls are made with a filling of chocolate pudding, milk and crushed cookies.
  • Frozen Freedom Pops - A very simple recipe that makes the most of JELL-O pudding and gelatin. These pops are made from vanilla pudding and filled with areas of red strawberry and berry blue gelatin.
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