What Are Some Good Hullers for Walnuts?


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Good hullers for walnuts include the Lever Action Nutcracker and the Steel Nutcracker II. The American-made Master Cracker is also proficient in hulling walnuts and producing the most nutmeat for the least effort.

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The Lever Action Nutcracker is meant to crack not only walnuts, but other hard shelled nuts such as hickory nuts, butternuts and macadamia nuts. Its frame is made of aluminum alloy, and it is mounted on a hardwood base for added stability. Nuts are placed between two bolts and cracked when a lever is depressed to bring those bolts together. The gears are fully adjustable to accommodate different nut sizes.

The Steel Nutcracker II houses the nuts between the two metal plates of a fulcrum. They are held in place by two metal grippers that can accommodate several sizes of nuts. When the lever is depressed, the nut cracks. Minimal exertion is needed, yet walnuts and other hard shelled nuts crack with ease and without shattering.

The Master Cracker weighs over 8 pounds and can crack even the toughest nuts. Nuts are placed between the cracking cups, and the nuts are cracked when the lever is moved to activate the spring tension. It has a heavy duty, hardwood base, as well as a rubber lever handle.

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