What Are Some Good Honey Dispenser Designs?


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Some good honey dispenser designs include the Norpro honey dispenser's honeycomb design as well as the honey bear plastic squeeze bottle dispenser design. WMF also produces a dripless honey dispenser that has a contemporary glass jar design and a stainless steel lid.

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The Norpro honey dispenser features a honeycomb design that holds 8 ounces of honey. It measures 5.75 inches tall and includes a glass stand that catches drips while it holds and stores the dispenser. Push the thumb lever down to dispense a thin stream of honey. Fill the base with hot water to warm the honey before serving if desired. Rinse the glass dispenser nipple after each use to prevent honey from forming a crust at the bottom.

The honey bear dispenser is a popular design that features a clear bear-shaped plastic bottle with a squeeze spout or cap. The Bee Supply honey bear bottle measures 5.4 inches tall, 2.4 inches wide and 2.2 inches deep. The dispenser holds 12 ounces of honey and dispenses honey in a thin stream from the spout.

WMF's honey dispenser features a glass bottom, stainless steel top and a matte satin finish. Push the spring-loaded lever to open the snout and dispense honey. The dispenser holds about 1 cup of honey and measures 5.5 inches tall. It contains a plastic gasket beneath the top of the jar to seal honey inside without leaks.

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