What Is a Good Homemade Vodka Recipe?


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One homemade vodka recipe calls for 4 parts potatoes, 1 part crushed malted barley and 1 pound of cane sugar per 5 gallons of brew. To make the mash, clean all of the brewing and distilling supplies, and make sure the ingredients are as clean as possible.

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Add the potatoes to a kettle of water, and leave them there for an hour or until they become soft. When ready, discard the water, and mash the potatoes. Add the potatoes and grain to a kettle of water boiling at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the kettle at this temperature, and periodically check it for an hour and a half. Afterward, let the mixture cool to approximately 80 F.

Once the mixture is ready, pour the ingredients and the water into a fermentation vessel with the yeast. Use a yeast with which you're comfortable, and make sure the fermentation vessel stays between 70 and 80 F, as the process may take place between three days and one week. The amount of yeast needed depends on the amount of mix fermenting. A single packet of yeast is enough for 5 gallons of mix, but you may want to plan ahead for more mix, as some packets are designed to accommodate over 30 gallons of mix.

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