What Are Some Good Holiday Vegetable Dishes?


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Holiday vegetable dishes include potato gratin, green bean dishes, roasted vegetables, squash dishes and Brussels sprouts dishes. Cooks can also make vegetarian alternatives to popular holiday main dishes such as stuffed acorn squash, vegetable tarts or vegetarian lasagna. A variety of vegetable side and main dishes can be found on websites such as Martha Stewart, Eating Well and Jamie Oliver.

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Potato gratin dishes make a tasty side dish for the holidays. Make classic gratin, add alternative ingredients such as sweet potato or make a low carb version by substituting cauliflower for potatoes. Green bean casserole is a very popular vegetable dish for holiday meals. Make other tasty green bean dishes such as beans roasted with lemon butter or beans sauteed with herbs.

Roasted vegetable dishes make tasty sides and are very easy to prepare. Vegetables that can be sides for the holidays include carrots, shallots, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Roasted squash is a popular holiday dish. Roast squash such as acorn squash or butternut squash with brown butter or cinnamon. Brussels sprouts dishes such as Brussels sprouts casserole, roasted sprouts or sauteed sprouts make tasty sides.

Pies and tarts make excellent main dishes for vegetarians, as they are more filling than many vegetable side dishes. Good fillers for vegetarian pies and tarts include mushrooms, root vegetables, spinach, chestnuts, Brussels sprouts and leeks.

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