What Are Some Good Hamburger Meat Recipes?


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Some good hamburger meat recipes include hamburgers, meat loaf and stuffed peppers. Mix the ground beef with salt, pepper and other spices, then divide the mixture into patties. Once these are cooked long enough for the juices to run clear, they can be put on buns with hamburger toppings.

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Hamburger patties need to be cooked roughly three to four minutes on each side over high heat to be cooked through. Letting the meat rest after cooking for up to five minutes ensures the juices stay locked in when the patty is broken.

A meatloaf needs 1 pound of ground beef, a few chopped vegetables (such as bell peppers, onions and tomatoes), and seasonings. Common seasonings include salt, pepper and garlic. Once all ingredients are mixed and put in a pan, the mixture needs to cook for roughly one hour for the meat to be cooked through. Before cooking, a topping of ketchup and brown sugar should be spread over the top.

Stuffed peppers use a mixture of beef, chopped vegetables and rice. Salt, pepper and other spices can be added to taste. This mixture fills the cleaned inside of the pepper, which can then be topped with cheese. The dish requires roughly 30 minutes to bake thoroughly.

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