What Are Some Good Green Salad Recipes?


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Green salads are very popular and come in many varieties, including recipes like Italian spinach salad, cafe green salad, bitter green salad, the classic Cesar salad and mesclun salad. Many green salads are very simple and don't take many ingredients at all, but many of them can become very complicated and serve as the main dish of a meal compared to a side dish or an appetizer.

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What Are Some Good Green Salad Recipes?
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Many green salads, like the cafe green salad offered by Food Network, is nothing more than some greens tossed in a mustard vinaigrette. These types of salads are perfect to serve alongside heavier dishes to make the meal more full without being too much.

The classic Cesar salad is normally served with Parmesan cheese, croutons and a spicy dressing, but this simple salad can have shrimp, chicken or steak added to it and easily turn a side dish into a main dish. Some green salads include red lettuces or cabbage for spice, but others also include items like fried shallots in the mesclun salad or mushrooms, eggs and cheese in a spinach salad.

While salads can be a very healthy way to eat, keeping an eye on extras like the ones listed above and the type of dressing put on them can make sure that extra calories or fat aren't sneaking into anyone's diet.

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