What Is a Good Fresh Ginger Tea Recipe?


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Making fresh ginger tea is simple; all you need to do is seep freshly sliced ginger in hot filtered water. Slice or grate one small piece of fresh ginger, and then place it into an infuser and let it seep for about three minutes.

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What Is a Good Fresh Ginger Tea Recipe?
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First, peel the ginger root. Afterwards, grate or slice it before placing in an infuser. Bring filtered water to a boil in a pot. After the water has been boiled, turn off the heat and remove the pot from the stove.

Place the infuser into the pot of boiled water. Let the tea seep for around 10 minutes, and then remove the infuser. Letting the tea seep longer produces a stronger tea. Pour desired amount of tea into a mug and stir before drinking.

Enrich your tea with extra ingredients such as cayenne pepper, camomile flowers, cinnamon or other fresh spices. You can also add more flavor to your tea with natural sweeteners or lemon.

Alternatively, you can seep the ginger in hot water, and then cover the tea and place it in the refrigerator to cool. After leaving the tea to cool for an hour or two, you can enjoy it as a refreshing chilled beverage with ice cubes.

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