What Are Some Good Flavors of Vue Coffee Packs?


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Flavors of Vue coffee packs that people enjoy most are Sumatran Reserve from Green Mountain Coffee, Caribou Coffee's Daybreak Morning Blend, Nantucket Blend and Dark Magic from Green Mountain Coffee and the French Roast blends from Tully's, Starbucks and Barista Prima Coffeehouse; these flavors get the highest ratings over four stars out of a possible five according to customer reviews on the Keurig website. Other popular coffees are the Donut Shop Original Decaf, Tully's Hawaiian Blend, the Italian Roast from Barista Prima Coffeehouse, Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee and Black Silk Coffee from Folgers.

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Half-Caff Coffee and the Breakfast Blend Decaf from Green Mountain get over four stars on the Keurig website from customer ratings, as does Starbucks' Decaf House Blend, Decaf Italian Roast from Barista Prima Coffeehouse and Timothy's Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee.

Flavored Vue coffee packs like Island Coconut and French Vanilla from Green Mountain get a better than four star rating from customers on Keurig's website, as does the Hazelnut Coffee from Gloria Jean's. Customers assign the Cafe Caramel Specialty from Cafe Escapes and Caramel Coffee Cream from Green Mountain just under four stars, but other flavors, like Cafe Mocha and Cappuccino from Barista Prima Coffeehouse, receive a rating of roughly three stars.

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