What Is a Good Drink Recipe That Uses Baileys?


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A few good drink recipes using Bailey's as a primary ingredient include the Chocolatini, Irish coffee and the Mudslide. While many of the Baileys' drinks use coffee or espresso as one of the base ingredients, there are also many non-caffeinated drinks for non-caffeine drinkers.

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The Chocolatini uses two ounces of Bailey's, a quarter of an ounce of vodka, and a quarter of an ounce of chocolate liqueur. It should be shaken and strained into a glass, but can also be stirred instead if a drink shaker is not available.

The Mudslide consists of two ounces of Bailey's, half an ounce of vodka, one cup of ice and chocolate syrup that is added at the maker's discretion. Use a blender to mix the vodka, ice and Bailey's. Before pouring the blended drink into a glass, drizzle the chocolate syrup around the inside of the glass.

Irish coffee is one of the most popular and simplest Bailey's drinks. The drink consists of two ounces of Bailey's, six ounces of coffee, one ounce of Irish whiskey and one dollop of whipped cream. Simply combine the liquid contents into a tall glass and top it off with the whipped cream. For added flavor, try sprinkling a little bit of cinnamon onto the whipped cream.

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