What Is a Good Diuretic Herbal Tea?


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Dandelion root and corn silk tea are both good herbal teas to help with water retention. Those suffering from edema can experience relief after making a tea of dandelion root or combining dandelion root, green tea and corn silk extract.

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Many people search for herbal remedies as an alternative to traditional prescriptions. The active ingredient in dandelion root is sesquiterpene lactone, which works to help the kidneys and liver function well, increasing urine output and reducing water weight. Mass retailers sell dandelion tea. However, combining warm water, dandelion extract, and a natural sweetener like honey is one way to make fresh dandelion tea from scratch.

Corn silk extract helps to remove excess water out of the tissues, and improves kidney function. The extract works well added to regular tea or a tincture of warm water.

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