What Is a Good Crock-Pot Chicken Breast Recipe?

good-crock-pot-chicken-breast-recipe Credit: Image Studio/UpperCut Images/Getty Images

An easy recipe for Crock-Pot chicken breast is to put chicken breasts into the Crock-Pot, add 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup and cook the mixture on high for 6 hours. The cook serves the chicken with rice and pours the sauce from the Crock-Pot over it.

There are many easy Crock-Pot recipes for cooking chicken breast. The cook starts by adding bone-in or boneless chicken breasts to the Crock-Pot. After adding in 2 cans of cream-based soups, she cooks the mixture on high for 6 hours to complete the process. The soups can be mushroom, chicken, onion, broccoli or potato.

Another easy Crock-Pot recipe for chicken breasts it to combine 1/4 cup of teriyaki sauce with 1/4 cup of water. The cook pours the mixture over the chicken breasts and adds 1 cup each of chopped green pepper and onion to the Crock-Pot. The chicken is cooked on high for 6 hours and served with rice.

An easy barbecue chicken recipe for the Crock-Pot is made by adding a bottle of barbecue sauce to the Crock-Pot and cooking for 6 hours on high. For pulled barbecue chicken sandwiches, the cook uses boneless chicken breasts and cooks on high for 7 hours.