What Are Some Good Carb-Free Sugar Substitutes?


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Some common carb-free sugar substitutes include Truvia, Sweetleaf, Xylitol, agave nectar and Splenda. Each sweetener comes from a different source and carries different levels of sweetness and has its own glycemic index value, which is important information for people with blood sugar disorders.

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Both Sweetleaf and Truvia are different brands of sugar-free sweeteners based on a plant extract known as stevia. Stevia is a naturally occurring sweetener that provides a sweet taste without causing an increase in blood sugar. Products featuring stevia are therefore ideal for diabetics. Many other products also use stevia as the base product, though some may include other sweeteners as well.

Xylitol is a type of sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in some plants, such as corn or certain berries. Though it does not have any carbs, it does contain approximately 9 calories in each teaspoon. It is commonly found in various sugar-free gums, as the substance helps repel plaque from teeth. Agave nectar comes from the agava plant, which is commonly used to make certain types of tequila. It has a low glycemic index and appears as a viscous liquid most frequently. Splenda is a brand of sucralose, which is a sugar molecule that undergoes a chemical process to remove the carbs and sugars.

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