What Are Some Good Butter Toffee Recipes?

Taste of Home's fantastic butter toffee, Land o'Lakes best ever butter toffee and Betty Crocker's four-ingredient toffee are some of the top-rated recipes, according to user ratings on the various websites. The making of the toffee is quick, but cooks will need patience while the toffee sets up, which generally takes a few hours.

All of the recipes call for some type of nut for garnish or to be put in the mix of the toffee. These nuts can be changed out as cooks wish for taste or preference. Seasonal availability may play into the nut choice depending on the area someone lives in, but this may not be an issue everywhere. The nuts need to be browned or roasted, so keep this in mind when choosing the type of nut to use.

Anyone looking to make butter toffee needs to have a candy thermometer. This used to make sure that the candy part of the toffee heats to the proper temperature. If it gets too hot, or not hot enough, the toffee won't set up properly and the recipe will have to be redone. The individual recipes call for different temperatures for the candy to reach. Land o'Lakes and Betty Crocker both call for 300 degrees Fahrenheit, while the Taste of Home recipe calls for 290 F.