What Are Some Good Brownie Recipes Using Hershey's Chocolate?

What Are Some Good Brownie Recipes Using Hershey's Chocolate?

The highest-rated brownie recipe on the Hershey's website is for fudge brownies. Hershey's also offers recipes for special dark brownies and peanut butter fudge brownies.

The recipe for Hershey's fudge brownies includes Hershey's cocoa and Hershey's baking melts. The fudge recipe takes 12 minutes to prepare and 35 to 40 minutes to bake. The recipe makes 24 brownies.

Hershey's peanut butter fudge brownies include Hershey's cocoa and chocolate chips. The use of dark, milk, or semi-sweet chocolate chips is optional. These brownies include the use of Reese's peanut butter cups and take 16 minutes to prepare and 25 to 30 minutes to bake. The brownies must then be refrigerated for one hour before cutting them into 24 brownies.

These recipes involve the use of basic kitchen utensils including an oven, microwave and baking dish.

Many Hershey's brownie recipes include optional additions such as powdered sugar. Additionally, many recipes include options for how to add nuts. The recipes for Hershey's brownies include a rating system as well as comment section. Users have added optional variations to recipes that might include additional ingredients. Additionally, the recipes have a skill rating ranging from beginner to intermediate, giving a better idea for which recipes can include kids' involvement.