What Are Some Good Brands of Canned Tomato Basil Soup?

Some popular brands of canned tomato soup include Pacific Organic, Campbell's, Amy's and Wolfgang Puck, notes Huffington Post and New York magazine. Depending on the brand, the tomato soup may include additional ingredients such as celery, garlic, butter, milk and bacon.

Wolfgang Puck Organic Classic Tomato with Basil has a chunky texture, notes New York magazine. The soup has an Italian-style flavor that comes from the added basil. Best Yet Tomato Soup also received high ratings from the magazine. While it does not have basil, those who prefer to have it in their tomato soup can add some of the herb to taste.

One of the top canned tomato soups recommended by Huffington Post is Pacific Creamy Tomato Soup. It is made with milk and has a creamy flavor similar to bisque. Other ingredients include sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder and cheese flavor. Add chopped mint, cucumber and tomato for a light summer meal, notes the official website.

Campbell's Sun-Ripened Yellow Tomato Soup is rated highly for its light, balanced flavor without too much sweetness. However, Campbell's Tomato Soup was given mixed reviews during the taste test. Create an easy tomato basil soup by adding basil to either of these soups.