What Are Some Good Brands of Canned Corn Beef?

Hormel and Hereford are two popular and widely available brands of canned corned beef as of 2015. Argentina is a popular imported brand available from Asian supermarkets. Libby is a local brand with good sales on Amazon, although it gets mixed reviews from Bon Appetit.

Hormel gets consistently high ratings on Amazon and is the top pick for Amiel Stanek of Bon Appétit. His reasons include beefy flavor with smoky notes and fat-to-meat ratio. This brand's Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash gets five-star reviews from all 12 reviewers on Amazon. The feedback on Hereford is good for quality, although reviewers complain the price is too high.

Libby's Corned Beef gets an average rating of five out of five stars at Amazon. Customers like that it is lean, reasonably priced, and a brand with a history of more than 40 years. Customers also appreciate that the brand has a lower sodium content than other canned corned beef. On the other hand, this brand is salty and mushy, with a high oil content, says Pepper's Steph Dy.

Argentina brand's Gold Label Corned Beef is of higher quality than their Carne Norte variety. This brand is made in the Philippines, from imported beef. Gold Label contains less fat than Carne Norte, is less salty, and tastes like marinated A-grade beef, reports Pepper.