What Are Some Good Brands of Black Walnut Crackers?


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Good brands of black walnut crackers include Wild Nut Manufacturing Corporation which produces the Crack'Um Nutcracker and Kenneth D. Hyatt which produces the Hyatt Deluxe Nutcracker, according to Mother Earth News. Another recommended brand of black walnut crackers is Potter Walnut Cracker Company.

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The Wild Nut Manufacturing Corporation brand produces the cast-iron Crack'Um Nutcracker. It features an 18-inch handle, a steel rack-and-pinion ram and a hardwood base. The nutcracker has a jaw opening of 2 inches.

The Hyatt Deluxe Nutcracker is made of steel and features a double-jointed pressure lever and a 15-inch handle. This model has an adjustable seat that threads both up and down, making it useful for nuts ranging from 1/2 inch to 2 inches in size.

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