What Is a Good Black and Decker Bread Machine Recipe?

Good recipes for Black and Decker bread machines include classic white bread, rolls, bagels, farmhouse style bread and bread machine cinnamon buns. The process for making bread traditionally and in a bread machine is largely the same, with the same basic ingredients of water, flour, salt and yeast. To ensure a high-quality bread from a Black and Decker bread machine, use high-protein flour or add vital wheat gluten to low protein flours and use yeast specifically for a bread machine.

To make bagels in a Black and Decker bread machine, place flour, water, sugar and yeast in the bread machine and set to the dough setting. Use the bread machine to turn the dough before cutting into even pieces, dipping in boiling water and baking. The basic dough can be enhanced by any preferred bagel topping before baking in the oven.

Good recipes for Black and Decker bread machines are available for nearly any kind of bread. When mixing the dough, include other ingredients for flavor or enhancements such as caraway seeds, cinnamon, basil, rosemary, garlic or peppercorns. To make potato bread, the basic dough formula remains the same, just add dry mashed potato mix to give it extra flavor and texture.