What Is a Good 7-Up Sherbet Punch Recipe?

Paula Deen prepares a green lime sherbet punch with pineapple and ginger ale, but you can substitute any clear carbonated beverage, such as 7-Up, for the ginger ale. OldRecipeBook.com provides a recipe for a raspberry sherbet punch using raspberry sherbet, grape juice and 7-Up.

To prepare the lime punch, place two quarts of lime sherbet in a punch bowl and add a 2-liter bottle of 7-Up and a 46-ounce can of pineapple juice. Float citrus slices and maraschino cherries on top of the punch before serving it.

For the raspberry punch, place a half-gallon of raspberry sherbet in the bottom of a punch bowl and add 3 cups of grape juice. Pour 3 liters of 7-Up in the punch bowl just before serving and stir the punch.

Sherbet and 7-Up punches are versatile and allow the user to mix favorite flavors of sherbets and juices to create many different punch combinations. For a less expensive punch, use a gallon of any flavor of Kool-Aid, reducing the sugar to 1 1/2 cups, mix with a favorite flavor of sherbet, and add a bottle of 7-Up to give the punch some sparkle without the addition of alcohol. Chill the ingredients before serving.