What Goes Into a Good Corned Beef Hash Recipe?


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Corned beef hash contains cooked corned beef, white or red potatoes, onions, garlic and paprika. Additional seasonings include salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

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To make homemade corned beef hash, start by tossing 1 pound of quartered small potatoes with a little olive oil and kosher salt. Roast the potatoes in a greased baking dish at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes or until partially cooked. While the potatoes cool, chop 1 pound of cooked corned beef, 1/2 cup of onion and one clove of garlic, and then chop the partially cooked potatoes. The pieces of beef, onion and potato should all be roughly the same size.

Mix the corned beef, potatoes, onion and garlic together along with 1/4 teaspoon of paprika and some freshly ground black pepper. Avoid adding salt at this point unless the corned beef is bland. Heat a heavy skillet or griddle over medium-high heat. Grease the pan, and press the corned beef mixture evenly into it. Reduce the heat to medium low and let the mixture cook for 15 minutes or until the bottom is evenly browned. Flip the corned beef hash, and cook the other side for another 15 minutes. Serve immediately. Eggs make a nice accompaniment.

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