What Geographical Areas Does the Knox Village Soup Cover?


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The Knox Village Soup is an online publication covering the towns and rural areas of Knox County, Maine. Another name for the publication is the Camden Herald.

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The Knox Village Soup, otherwise known as the Camden Herald, provides real estate, news, classified ads, sports news, obituaries and several other categories of information about the surrounding area. While it is based out of Camden, Maine, the publication covers news for the entire county.

Towns covered by the Knox Village Soup include Camden, Rockport, Rockland, Thomaston and Warren, as well as the rural areas to the north and east of that section of Route 1 through Maine. Knox County also includes the towns of Union, Washington, Appleton and Hope.

Real estate coverage focuses mostly on rural farmland and farmhouses, with some listings for more expensive properties on the coast. The advertisement section has a wide variety of products and services available in Knox County and the surrounding areas, including advertisements for local restaurants and businesses. News focuses largely on local and state news, particularly county and municipal law changes and information about important figures in the community. The publication also carries a number of human interest stories focusing on ordinary residents of Knox County.

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