What Are Some Games to Play in a Cooking Class?


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Competitive cooking games such as making a dish using specific ingredients or within a set amount of time are effective ways to hone specific culinary skills. For a class of beginners or children, educational games pertaining to food and nutrition can be a creative way to learn.

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A game asking students to prepare an egg using as many cooking methods as possible, or a game asking students to prepare a gourmet meal using only a microwave, forces students to practice and perfect one element of cooking. Games can also create familiarity with flavors, cooking methods and food pairings. Games that involve determining what spices are in a dish, or the method of baking/cooking that created it, can help students learn while adding a friendly competitive element to any classroom.

Games for children may focus more on learning about nutrition. A matching game that requires students to pair a food with the body part it benefits, or the vitamin or nutrient it provides, is a great way for kids to have fun while learning some of the more basic elements of food. Blindfolding students and asking them to guess a food using only taste or smell is a fun way for kids to learn as well.

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