What Are Some Fun Cookie Games for Kids?


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Some fun cookie games for kids include "Cookie Maker" and "Sara's Cooking Class: Sugar Cookies." "Cookie Maker" is a simple game about making, decorating and serving cookies, while "Sara's Cooking Class" is an educational game that includes all of the components of mixing, measuring and baking cookies from scratch.

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In "Cookie Maker," the player chooses a cookie dough type from a pre-mixed bowl and drops it on a conveyor belt to go through cutting and baking. Next, the player selects a frosting type for decoration, chooses sprinkles and feeds the cookie to a character waiting at the end of the conveyor belt. Each level features different frostings and decorations, but follows the same basic template. This game is primarily a decorating game, rather than a baking game.

In "Sara's Cooking Class," the player selects realistic cookie ingredients and prepares them the way real cookies would be prepared. For instance, the player must cream the butter, sugar and eggs together before adding flour, baking soda or flavoring extracts. After finishing the dough, the player must refrigerate it so that it sets up properly before rolling, cutting and baking the dough. The player also makes the frosting from scratch, resulting in an educational game play experience that prepares children to have an interest in baking in real life.

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