What Are Some Fun Birthday Party Cake Decorating Ideas?


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Some great birthday cake ideas for parties are a donut-shaped cake, an oversized cupcake style cake, flower garden cake and sports ball cake. A birthday cake with a mix of many types of candy toppings is also a popular type of cake.

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What Are Some Fun Birthday Party Cake Decorating Ideas?
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Made with a hole in the center of a thin cake, a donut-shaped cake is a unique idea for kids or adults. Add glazed frosting and multicolored sprinkles on top to give the cake the finishing touches it needs so it resembles a donut.

An oversized cupcake style cake is a fun idea. Bake the cake with a rimmed dome top, and leave the base or sides of the cake without frosting to help create the shape of a cupcake. Fluffy frosting, sprinkles and a cherry on top make it look convincing and appealing.

A flower garden cake is a pretty idea for a birthday party or a shower. A rectangular base covered in green or beige frosting works best for this cake. To make the cake attractive, make flowers with various colors of frosting.

For a sports fan, make a round cake with frosting to match the look of a basketball, a soccer ball or a baseball.

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