How Do You Find Fuji Japanese Restaurants?

You can locate Fuji Japanese restaurants or steakhouses by visiting individual restaurant websites to get addresses, directions and contact information. You can also look up the specific names of the restaurants on to pull up restaurant locations on the map, such as Fuji Japanese Steakhouse in Bristol, Connecticut.

The websites of Fuji Japanese restaurants sometimes have contact or directions pages for visitors. For example, the Fuji Japanese Restaurant in Torrington, Connecticut, has an address listed on its home page,, and a link to a Google map image of its building. Visitors can click on the map to enlarge it and make use of map tools, including a directions tool for charting directions to or from the restaurant to another location.

Visitors can locate the Fuji Japanese Steakhouse in Bristol, Connecticut by clicking on the Directions link on the website's home page, In addition to providing an address, this restaurant also provides a Google Map of its location. The directions page also details how to get to the restaurant from key highways and cities, including from Hartford/Springfield, New York City, New Haven and Middletown.

To search for a specific Fuji restaurant on MapQuest, users can type the restaurant name into the website's search engine and then click Search.