What Is a Fryer Chicken?

fryer-chicken Credit: dirkr/E+/Getty Images

A fryer chicken is a small bird aged between seven and 10 weeks. The average weight of a fryer chicken is 2.5 to 4.5 pounds, and can serve three to four people. Although less flavorful than older chickens such as a roaster chicken, a fryer chicken is known to be more tender and juicier. Another name for fryer chicks are broiler chickens.

As the name suggests, a fryer chicken is excellent for fried chicken recipes. They can be sold whole, but they are often made cut into varied pieces for frying. Fryer chickens are the youngest and smallest of the three ways that chicken is sold in the United States. The three most common ways are fryers, broilers and roasters. Fryer chickens are made from cross-bred chickens made for meat production, and the Modern Cornish Cross hybrids are made to be butchered at eight weeks for fryer chickens. The average calorie rate of a whole fryer chicken is 160 to 200 calories with a sugar count close to zero and a substantial amount of protein. A drawback of fryer chicken is its high cholesterol content. The fat count of a fryer chicken uncooked is moderate, but raises significantly when it is cooked in its typical fried manner.