Which Fruits Are Natural Diuretics?

Fruits that are known for their diuretic properties include grapes, watermelon and cranberries; the latter can be consumed in berry, juice or supplement form. Although often erroneously classified as a vegetable, tomatoes are also fruits with diuretic properties. Some foods have phytochemicals that help them to cause fluids to evacuate the body more readily, such as the caffeine found in coffee or cocoa.

A diuretic is a substance that works to flush the body of excess fluids to help one feel less bloated. Water retention within the body is generally caused by too much salt in the body. Eating foods with diuretic properties can cause the body to draw water from the body's cells and tissues and into the bladder where it can be expelled by the body. Consuming foods to combat water retention allows for the natural treatment of excess fluids that can cause body swelling and edema.

There are a variety of diuretics available on the market that require a prescription, but fruits and other foods are sometimes natural diuretics that work without any pharmaceutical intervention and can be easily added to one's regular diet. In addition to the fruits mentioned above, there is an array of vegetables that also have diuretic properties, including eggplant, artichoke, celery, carrots and asparagus.