How Do You Freeze Lunch Meat and Cheese?

How Do You Freeze Lunch Meat and Cheese?

In order to retain their texture, lunch meats and cheeses must be vacuum packed before they can be frozen, according to Purdue University. This can be accomplished by purchasing a vacuum sealer or by keeping the meat or cheese in its original packaging.

  1. Place meat or cheese inside a freezer-safe bag

    If the meat or cheese has already been opened or wasn't fully sealed to begin with, it needs to be transferred to a freezer-safe bag.

  2. Use a vacuum-packing machine

    Follow the instructions provided with the machine. Some may be automatic, while others may require the push of a button to begin the sealing process.

  3. Place the bag in the freezer

    Once the bag is vacuum sealed and airtight, it can be placed in the freezer. This should keep the meat or cheese safe for up to three months. Move the bag to the fridge 24 hours before you want to use the meat or cheese so that it can thaw properly.