How Do You Freeze Homemade Pumpkin Pie?

Freeze homemade pumpkin pie by cooling it to room temperature or below, covering it with plastic wrap, covering it with aluminum foil and then placing it in the freezer. Store the pie for up to one month.

Freezing pumpkin pies provides an easy and economical alternative to purchasing pre-made pies for future consumption. Although a frozen pie retains most of its quality for up to one month, its quality deteriorates more rapidly after two weeks.

Allowing the pie to cool completely before wrapping it in plastic wrap and aluminum foil prevents condensation from forming, which damages the crust and forms ice crystals. Slightly chilling the pie further ensures no condensation accumulates after wrapping it. After cooling, use as much plastic wrap as necessary to eliminate gaps in the coverage. An additional layer of aluminum foil prevents the smells of other foods in the freezer from penetrating the pie.

When ready to eat, remove the pie from the freezer, and place it in the refrigerator for four to eight hours. Defrosting the pie in the refrigerator prevents condensation from forming. Heat the pie in the microwave, but not all at once. Instead, heat it in 15-second bursts followed by two-minute resting periods to prevent the pie from reheating unevenly.