How Do You Freeze Herbs?


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To freeze herbs, rinse them, pat them dry, freeze them briefly in a single layer in the freezer and then place them in storage bags. By first placing the herbs in a single layer on a pan and freezing in that manner, it prevents clumping. Once the single layer is frozen, put the frozen pieces of herbs into storage bags or containers. Use herbs that are known for freezing well, such as oregano, mint, basil and chives.

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Another way to freeze herbs is by chopping them up and freezing them in oil. To do this, place some chopped herbs in ice cube trays, leaving a small amount of room at the top of each individual slot. Pour some olive oil or canola oil on top of the herbs, and then put the ice cube trays in the freezer. After the cubes are solid, remove them, and put them in storage bags or containers. It is easy to remove each one to be used for meals without having to thaw an entire bag full of herbs, and it has some oil flavor already.

When storing the herbs in the freezer, be sure the freezer is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This is necessary for safe and healthy food storage. Let all of the air escape from the freezer storage bag before closing it up. Containers are another good option, but be sure they are labeled as safe for the freezer.

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