How Do You Freeze Eggs?

How Do You Freeze Eggs?

How Do You Freeze Eggs?

To freeze eggs, break the eggs, mix the yolks and whites, package the mixture, then seal and freeze the eggs. Alternatively, spoon the egg mixture into an ice cube tray, and then freeze them.

  1. Select the eggs

    Choose the eggs you plan to freeze, and check them for freshness. Break the eggs in a clean container, and remove any shells.

  2. Mix the whites and yolks

    Whisk the egg whites and yolks to mix them thoroughly.

  3. Package the eggs, and freeze them

    Place the mixture in a container, leaving 1/2-inch space available to allow for expansion. Seal the container. Alternatively, you can use an ice cube tray, adding three tablespoons of whipped eggs to each space. Freeze the eggs until you are ready to use them.