How Do You Freeze Banana Peppers?

How Do You Freeze Banana Peppers?

To freeze banana peppers, wash the peppers, cut them open and remove the seeds and core, chop them, cool the peppers, seal them in a zippered freezer bag or vacuum-sealed bag, and store them in the freezer. If you plan to cook with the peppers, blanch them before freezing.

  1. Select fresh peppers

    Choose the freshest peppers available.

  2. Wash the peppers

    Rinse the peppers in lukewarm water. Remove any food labels.

  3. Cut the peppers

    Slice the peppers in half, discard the core, and cut the peppers again lengthwise into strips.

  4. Prepare the peppers according to use

    Decide whether you plan to use the peppers uncooked or for cooking. Blanch the peppers if you plan to cook with them.

  5. Seal the peppers in a bag

    Bag the peppers in zippered freezer bags, or use a vacuum-sealing tool. Freeze the peppers, and use them as needed.