Is Forever 21 a Franchise?

forever-21-franchise Credit: Elvert Barnes/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Forever 21 is not a franchise. Forever 21 is a private family-owned company. Forever 21 is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., and was named the 122nd largest private company in the United States by Forbes in 2014. Forever 21 had a total sales of $3.7 billion in 2013.

The average size of a Forever 21 store is 38,000 square feet,but the original store is only a total of 900 square feet. The largest Forever 21 location is over 160,000 square feet. Forever 21 was founded in 1984 and has grown immensely since that time.

Forever 21 was founded by Do Won and Jin Sook Chang. They moved to the United States from South Korea in 1981.