What Foods Go Well With a Lemon Butter Sauce?


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A rich lemon-butter sauce nicely complements chicken, most varieties of seafood and some vegetables. Pasta, rice and many other grains also pair well with lemon-butter sauce.

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What Foods Go Well With a Lemon Butter Sauce?
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Lemon-butter sauce and the sauce used for scampi have some ingredients in common, including lemon, white wine, butter and garlic. The addition of robust flavors from hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce and the richness of heavy cream are what set lemon-butter sauce apart. Scampi sauce is usually reserved for lighter fare, such as shrimp, flounder or angel hair pasta, but a rich lemon-butter sauce can also hold its own with heartier fare, such as salmon, swordfish and cheese, or seafood ravioli. It also adds brightness and flavor to asparagus, green beans and broccoli.

The addition of other ingredients takes lemon-butter sauce in new directions. Capers make it ideal for breaded, pan-fried chicken cutlets, while fresh sage enhances the flavor of lobster ravioli. Since lemon-butter sauce is somewhat thick, it's also suitable for use as a dip when serving an appetizer of shrimp or fried clams. Quinoa with corn and scallions gets a flavor boost by incorporating lemon-butter sauce, and it also makes a simple yet flavorful meal when served over a bed of pasta and topped with Parmesan cheese and freshly minced parsley.

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