What Foods Have the Most Uric Acid in Them?


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Food that are high in uric acid include meat and seafood. Foods that contain yeast are also high in uric acid, as well as vegetables like spinach, carrots and cauliflower. Additional vegetables that are high in uric acid include cauliflower, broccoli and beans. Bananas, apples and avocados contain high levels of uric acid as well.

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New Health Guide explains that red meat and organ meats are especially high in uric acid, and poultry such as chicken or turkey should be eaten in moderation for those who need to avoid uric acid.

An excess of uric acid in people with gout results in the formation of crystals in the bloodstream. These sharp crystals cause joint pain, as well as discomfort in the tissues surrounding the joints. People with gout may experience swelling and discomfort in their hands, feet, knees and ankles. Individuals who have gout are advised to steer clear of foods with significant levels of uric acid. Gout complications can be eliminated or reduced by following a low uric acid diet, although medication is helpful for some individuals as well. Foods like cherries can reduce inflammation and are a natural treatment for managing gout. Taking alfalfa can reduce the pain associated with gout as well.

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