What Foods Unleash Leptin in the Body?


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The release of leptin is triggered by the act of consuming food, according to WebMD. Leptin is responsible for alerting the brain when the body is satiated, but in people with leptin resistance, the brain doesn't respond to leptin's signals to stop eating. The condition is linked to obesity.

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Studies show it's very rare that a person doesn't produce enough leptin, but in such cases, leptin injections have proven effective, according to WebMD. In those with leptin resistance, the brain doesn't read signals that the body has consumed enough food, thus causing overeating. Increasing leptin levels through pills or injections has proven ineffective in such cases, as these don't treat the brain's resistance to leptin's signals.

Leptin resistance is also directly linked to insulin resistance and high blood sugar, reports WebMD. In order to overcome resistance to insulin, one should follow a diet that focuses on controlling blood sugar and triglyceride levels by reducing sugar intake. Properly managing insulin and triglycerides naturally resolve the body's resistance to leptin.

It's also recommended to eat a whole foods-based diet that is rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates and processed foods, according to Authority Nutrition. It's suggested that getting plenty of protein, such as meat, chicken and fish, increases leptin sensitivity.

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