What Foods Should You Avoid If You Are Prone to Hot Flashes?


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Foods to be avoided by women prone to hot flashes are foods that are hot in the spicy sense as well as hot in temperature, according to About.com. Any food that raises the body's temperature even slightly can trigger a hot flash.

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Hot and spicy foods, hot drinks, and even alcohol can aggravate hot flashes and should be avoided, says About.com. Recommendations for cooling hot flashes include dressing in layers, hydrating, deep breathing and keeping the thermostat under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Herbal remedies, hormonal treatments and medications also control hot flashes.

Estrogen is the most effective treatment for hot flashes, says About.com. If hot flashes are severe enough to impair sleep and interfere with daily activities, the benefits of estrogen therapy may outweigh the risks. The lowest effective dose should be administered for the shortest period of time. Medications that treat other conditions such as high blood pressure and depression help with hot flashes as well.

Adding ground flaxseed to the diet has been proven to lessen hot flashes, reports About.com. Herbs and vitamins that may help hot flashes include yam phytoestrogens, vitamin E and black cohosh. While scientific evidence does not fully support the effectiveness of these remedies, women have used them for years.

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