What Foods Are Rich in Soy?


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The most common foods that are rich in soy include soybeans, tofu and tempeh. All of these foods are rich in soy because soybeans are the original form of soy. Tofu is made of curdled soy milk and tempeh consists of fermented pressed soybeans.

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Soy is an important source of protein for many diets and is consumed in a variety of forms. Soybeans are found in pods produced directly by a soy plant and are commonly consumed as edamame, a dish popular in Asian cuisine. To prepare edamame, the beans are picked at an early stage, steamed and sprinkled with salt. The soybean pod is easy to break open and the beans inside are consumed.

Tofu is made in a process similar to cheese by curdling soy milk. The chunks of coagulated, mashed-up soybeans are pressed into a block, which can be cooked in a variety of ways, including sliced, fried or added to soup

Tempeh is produced by fermenting soybeans into a cake, which can be used similar to tofu. The main difference is that tempeh has a harder texture compared to tofu. Other foods rich in soy include soy milk, soy ice cream, miso, soy sauce and textured vegetable protein.

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