What Foods Have Names That Start With the Letter J?

Foods that have names that start with the letter J include jamon serrano, jagdwurst and jellyfish. Other foods that start with the letter J are John Dory and Jerusalem artichokes.

Jamon serrano is a type of aged, dry-cured ham made in the provinces of Spain. Traditionally, it was cured in the mountains; the name "serrano" is based on the word "sierra," the Spanish word for "mountain."

Jagdwurst is a type of German bologna. Its name means "hunter's bologna." Though some jellyfish are known for their sting, some species are also used in cooking. Jellyfish is sold dried and salted; a serving, which is about 58 grams, has only 21 calories and only 1 gram of fat. It does, however, have 5,621 milligrams of salt, 3 milligrams of cholesterol and 3 grams of protein.

John Dory is a type of saltwater fish with a delicately sweet white flesh. It's popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, and is sturdy enough to be prepared in a variety of ways, including frying, saute?ing, steaming or poaching.

Jerusalem artichokes are not artichokes, nor are they from Jerusalem; they are actually tubers native to North America. They have a taste somewhat similar to that of water chestnuts.