What Are Some Foods With High Acid Content?


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Foods that cause higher acidity in the body include grains, nuts, dairy products, fish, corned beef and turkey. Seeds, legumes, fruits, corn oil, sweeteners, salt, and tobacco also increase acidity levels. Hard cheeses are particularly high in acid content.

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What Are Some Foods With High Acid Content?
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Individuals who wish to lower their acidity levels should also avoid pale beers and cocoa, replacing them with mineral sodas or red or white wine for drinkers.

The ideal blood pH is slightly alkaline and between 7.35 and 7.45 on the pH scale. Overacidity can cause a number of problems, including uric acid stones (a type of kidney stone), bone and muscle deterioration, and increased risk of cancer, liver problems and heart disease. The average American is at risk for overacidity due to high levels of animal protein, sugar and grain intake.

Individuals who are worried about overacidity causing bone deterioration can ingest small amounts of sodium bicarbonate (less than 5 grams). Avoid doing so during meals, though, as it can interfere with proper digestion.

Research suggests that adopting a more alkaline diet can result in less muscle loss, a stronger memory, increased alertness and a higher lifespan. Eating more vegetables and non-acidic fruits is an effective way of increasing general health.

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