What Foods Are Good to Eat With Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese goes well with a variety of foods, from fruit to fish. It can also be used as a vegetable dip, and cottage cheese is an acceptable replacement for other cheeses in several pasta recipes.

Cottage cheese is a wet, loose cheese. It comes from the curds of skim milk and requires no rennet, which is an extract that comes from the stomach of a calf, and it is used in the production of several other cheeses.

Cottage cheese is often served with fruit. It can be mixed with bananas or pineapples, or it can be spread on apples with a touch of cinnamon. For a breakfast meal, one might serve the cottage cheese with granola and berries topped off with honey. Low-sodium cottage cheese can also be spread on a bagel.

Placing cottage cheese in a blender with boiling water creates a sour cream substitute that is lower in calories and can be served with a baked potato. Canned tuna or shrimp can also be stirred into cottage cheese and used as a spread for bread or crackers. Cottage cheese can also be used as an alternative to ricotta cheese in a lasagna recipe, and mixing it with spinach or crab meat creates an appropriate filling for ravioli or tortellini. It can also be used in place of cheddar cheese to create a version of macaroni and cheese that is lower in fat and higher in protein. For dessert, one might use small-curd cottage cheese in place of ricotta cheese when baking a cheesecake.